a twenty year-old soldier, deeping an escape fantasy into the wilderness of lifestyle, fashion, music, politics and the suffocation of everyday living. allow me to take my emotions and paint the world white.

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BROTH just sliding off those sleezy bar by the junction. located above Duxton Hill, comes a very relax and romantic get away-like semi-fine dining heaven. Where modern Australian is a choice and service is at it's excellence.

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9 July 2004 @ 3:03 pm

If i'm dead when tomorrow is gone. The big machine just move on.

Never really tell anyone your problems. Not really anyone would wanna listen to it. They'll drop the black face and they'll carry on. Trust who you would be pouring your hearts out to.
It's not like everyone would bother or care if you are hurt or not despite how close they are towards you. From now, I pledge to keep things personal, unless it's someone who really
wanna hear your misery and help you physically and not portrait out an undefined advice.

His stubborn. He don't get my rage. I'm at boiling point. I can't take it anymore. I'm gonna blow out soon. And I'm becoming mean. I tend to lost touch with things now, and I tend to hate the one I love.