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29 July 2004 @ 6:19 pm

I'm in great pain

Today I had suffered alot. Not only on what that I've done, also to that of how my dear bestfriend had treated me. It's very very painful when he gets up to this kinda behavious. It's really very unreasonable. Can't imagine that he even swear and curse at me. Was I that of harm to him? I still don't understand. It looks like he hates me alot. It's of no reason to behave in such a manner. Not only that of how he was, he also said the most heart breaking sentence that he'd not want to talk to me anymore. Isn't it so painful when you've thrown in all that effort and suddenly it comes to an end like this. Don't one would feel all used and of in great pain when such a thing happens? Why can't he think of how I've suffered and not think for others? Why can't he just spare few moments thinking of my pain? Isit that I'm of worthless to him? No one understands why it ends in such behaviour. Because when that thing happened in the morning, he was behaving as normally as possible. Smiling, laughting and joking away. Now thats of great pain to any human being.
Really thank Ernie, Zi Chee, Rachael, Amalia, Edmund, Fara, Rev and some guys to be so concern towards me. Really appriciate it alot.
Hope that Vignesh and Buvanese gets back together too. I've helped and showed all that I've can already. It's all up to both of you to consider.