a twenty year-old soldier, deeping an escape fantasy into the wilderness of lifestyle, fashion, music, politics and the suffocation of everyday living. allow me to take my emotions and paint the world white.

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14 July 2004 @ 5:38 pm

In solitary confinement

I'm begining to feel all alone. To feel very solitary to feel that no one is there for me to look upon accept that handfull. It's not really worth cause they ain't the people with that sort of lifestyle whom I seek to. Those who use to address me as a friend just died away like there ain't another day. It's hard to cope with such a notorious situation and I know I won't be able to do that. I've completly lost all my laughter and all those muscles that I've been widerning are fake. A black mask to overcome my misery. But there ain't any use of it cause deep down I do feel left out by the friends that were once there. Would things like this ever stop? Would people in such cruel world start getting their sense back? Will they start feeling for others? Or will they just drown in their own enjoyment and leave those who were there, out?