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4 August 2004 @ 6:47 pm

Crippled and dead

Astonishing cleared doubts with Miss kwok over the incident. Infinate signs of relief. Thanking the mere unexpected closure's helper like Ai Zhen, Cindy, Dex, Davin, Shermane, Huilin and Ernie to be there for me. Regardless of the undefined friendship with the guys, I suppose they just tend to not be interested. They look upon my end and fall upon a sweet afternoon with my sour death. Can't blame this selfish approach cause either they can't stand like a man, they can't provide a fist or they wanna see me crippled. In either option, I do see everyone fitting in either one. But they just don't take the time to think that, if they were in my situation, I'll be sure helping them in their unrespected motive. Cause I'm of such great beings and they're of none.
Having a great afternoon today after all that it have been. A walk to the bus stop and a happy day off. I miss those days we walked together, it's been about 1 or 2 months that it happened. For I really dearly wish for a swifter normal life. Really glad we walked together today.
Thank you for the lessons.