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20 November 2004 @ 9:36 pm

Arts and the golden age of grotesque

The more I read the reviews, the more I wanna fucking jump to the motion of each breakthrough singles The Arch Dany of Dah Dah has to offer. Yes! I'm talking about the reviews of Marilyn Mansn's latest tour: Against All Gods. The way things are said by the reviewers, it makes things so spicy and overpowering. Just a wish by the flip of a coin, that Marilyn Manson to get down the show in Singapore. But certainly, there won't be such a chance.
This is the list of things I would do in each song:
Antichrist Superstar (String Quartet version) - At this point of time, the curtains would fall for a spectacular hour to come about. I would most probably scream and chant "Manson" as the PA blast the intro.
The Love Song - Chant to the replies of "Yeah", "Yeah" and "Fuck Yeah!"
Irresponsible Hate Anthem - Mosh the living hell around and head bang the shit to the beats of the drums and the gazzel of the guitars
Disposable Teens - Mosh and jump the fucking around to it
mOBSCENE - Chat to the verse of "Be Obscene, Be Be Obscene"
Tourniquet - Sing the the wholse song and waving my hands around
Personal Jesus - Cling my hands tight on the railing and swing myself to the growling guitars.
Get Your Gunn - Sing the wholse song and throw my hands in the air with the 'rock on sign'.
Great Big White World - Hold my partner's hand and sing to the emotional beats of this song
(s)AINT - My my favourite in particular, maybe just watch Marilyn Manson sing/play.
Tainted Love - Jump around and sing "Tainted Love".
The Fight Song - Chant "Fight" all the way and jump up and down.
The Nobodies - Hold my partner's hand and scream to the hold song.
Diary of a Dope Fiend/The Dope Show - The sexist song comes with a sexy motive into the whole shot of the song.
Rock Is Dead - Mosh Mosh Mosh and fucking Mosh.
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Scream all the way and sing the whole song.
The Beautiful People - The best fucking song all my life, it's gonna be moshing all the way.
Antichrist Superstar - Sing the whole song all the way.