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28 December 2004 @ 1:55 am

Psalm 137:9 Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth they little ones against the stones.

Just got back from woodlands. Was with faiz walking around and doing rubbish stuff. Even playing snap and eating gummies. I got myself a original Jack Daniel's edition quarts watch and t-shirt. It's fucking totally awesome. The t-shirt is absolutely classic with the Jack Daniel's history and the traditional liquor storage tank. I caugh sore-eyes the day before yesterday. Fucking irritating due to the constant tears but it's cool in the other hand cause the whole eye is bloodshot red and it looks totally awesome like Elizebeth Batrony. Barang-Barang store occured to my memory few hours back, I think I'll be going to that shop sooner maybe later on in the noon or so at the payar lebar's Singapore Post Centre&Shopping Centre. Gonna check out some stuff for my room.
28.12.04: happy birthday.
Words of hurts:
so you just sail away from me
nothing is quite the same now
i can only say your name now
by never really feeling your presence anyhow
but you don't want me back
you stole my whole world away from me
and you left me in pain and agony
what should i do to bring you back?
how should i pull you back to track?
i still remember the words to the testimonial
when you wrote to me in functional
i know it might take some time to patch us up inside
but i don't think i can take it so i got to run away and hide
only i know, that things did hurt that bad
all because, you are the best one i ever known to had.
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