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13 December 2004 @ 6:59 pm

Reach out and touch faith

Woke up early in the morning at around 8am just to send Faiz to the mrt station. He slept over at my place. We had great talks together about current affiars, careers and my recent encompassing. He gave alot of great advices though and was my right-listening ear. Told him about what that had happened recently to me and he was giving advices on how to be not in-rage despite the other person being so. Cause it won't make much of a difference between me and that person after all. Maybe I was just too paranoid on how I was treated this few months since june, thats why I acted out my deligtness that way when I heard the news. But maybe it's mean after all. Don't meant to be that remoursful, but certainly it's the way human nature is.
I mean, is it fair to treat me like that after all I've done?
Is it fair to watch my world crushing down on me and you just enjoy your away?
Is it fair to make me feel like the 3rd party?
Was it fair to make me an absolut fool?
Is it fair to just boycott me like this?
Is it fair to walk away from my presence?
Or was it fair to even see a friend to get down on his hands and knees and beg you forgiveness?
So should I say I wasn't wrong laughting at him when that happen to him Faiz? Or was it just my aggrevative childishness that make me potrait myself in that manner. Despite my high resolution for being childish, I think it gives me a mere chance of potraiting myself in that way. After all, I actually WAS a nice person.
For noon, I went down to bukit gombak quarrey to meet Jas and Mary. Been long since I meet them. Was chatting quite abit and of course bullying Mary. Tomorrow she leaves for Thailand on her holiday. Hope she gets her jolly good well deserve vacation down there. I might be down town with Jas tomorrow to kill my day away.
I would also like to welcome Jacen to Piggery. His been so far the BEST guitarist/song-writer since we open up the ameture band last year. We've already got 2-demo singles which we would be jamming to perfection and then to record them. Soon to be my all time dream be blossom. Piggery is coming alive after all.