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20 January 2005 @ 9:15 pm

In black and white

It's not like I didn't update my blog. I did but my fucking school computer don't allow to publish it. I actually updated it about a day or 2 ago but it didn't appear. I just got back from my store. Finished school early today at around 2pm after doing a press shot and then a really pathetic drawing session. Went to SGS to meet them all and hanged out with them for awhile at the street soccer court. Then lose off at the nearby coffee shop and bumped into 2 PLMGS bitches who were really itchy pussies trying to create converstaion and jokes which totally aion't realted to any sort of point. Then took a bus to Millenia Walk to pass my punch card. I'm absolutly tired/smelly/dirty and my leg is aching. Seriously speeking, boots is a real killer. My foot damaged all because of the improper function of my boots. Like not wearing socks and stuff casue more and more blisters and it hurts bad. It drowns to an extend that I can't even walk. Tomorrow I'm going to work and I'm so not going to wear boots. I might be just wearing my simple black shoe. So pissed cause I'm totally out of cash and I don't even have money for my food at work.