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7 January 2005 @ 9:16 pm

starbucks singapore

Just got back from my third attachment shift in SB-TY. Today was great, I learn so many things and able to say I'm quite a confident barista finally. It's not that easy being in starbucks anyway. reagrdless of the drinks making or the drink calling or the POS station, I feel that the most impt thing working there would be the communication and the 'know your job' attitude. I enjoy working in starbucks and i actually dedicate this post to starbucks singapore. Would like to thank you for the chance given to me apart from my slow performance. I also was able to interact with so mnay differnt people from rude kids to rude adult and really generous customers and those who accept the barita's offer/help. And of course so many other mis-pronounciation like re-formatting a 'Mocha' into a 'MO-CHAR', 'MO-CHEE' and 'MO-CHO'. Or stairing at a board for so fucking long and then choosing the first drink from the menu-board and also pronouncing it wrongly like this customer who said 'LA-TEA' instead of 'LATTE'. When you serve this kinda customers, you really feel like laughing your ass off just stright to their face. From my attitude, I will do that if I got a chance but self-control plays such a big fucking role in this. I'd like to know more and become a professional in almost every station that i stand or slide to. The now biggest aim is to not get any mistakes in my POS. I'm gonna try all my best to do that and achieve that.