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23 February 2005 @ 10:17 am

she flew away.

;Of grey skies and melancholy

The greyish black skies covered the shinning star. And the night fell in between my legs. My light was going away; going far far away. Never thought it would be that quick; but without a doubt, she would be leaving my surrounding. The atmosphere and the emotions were killing deep within. Awaiting to pour off it's jar and contribute to the drown. Me together with Vithya, would just flwere such in a situation where tears ush off the maskara on our faces if we had any. The tear that drips were just unexplainable and uncompareable with any thing else. We were both indeed, losing a bestfriend and a companion. It is extremely tough to look at her go. It's hard to let my everything fly really far away. But if she wants to go in the name of her freedom and free-will; I suppose I can't do anything but just provide an ultimate shoulder to support her and be with her before she leaves.

Apart from all that intensed problem she faced in the immigration, she somehow manage to pull through everything luckily. As I type; I suppose, she would be in the plane peeping out of the looking glass or simply thinking all her way through. I just can't wait for her to inform me that she is safe and sound and that eunice is actually not a lie like what all of us thought. I'll support and still help her and love her in all ways dispite the geographical distance.

For I wish for the every best in her and thank all those who have been helping me pull through this hard times.