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25 February 2005 @ 9:15 pm

way to much to handle

+war between each sides of the being+

Soft on everything else on the inside. Apart from those joy, those wide smiles and the big big laughter, all on the inside is just plain sore and cracking. All that was shown from the outside, never really meant to be whats on the inside. The sides of which both are combined and struggling. Battling and trying it's best to convince each other. And everything is just so playing moody. Due to the Jas incident; just can't get over those times we had all been together. Apart from the keeping in touch/contact; there won't be the real touch and warmness right beside each other.

My understanding has to play the role that now these has flaked; and I have to believe in that. No matter how much I try to hide or cry away into the deepest darkest hole, it will never dissapear. She is gone, and that she will be forever be gone unless we touch one another sooner.

Her parents are the living hell, I pity Vithya for going through shit right now as I'm typing. I really hope they fade down into the bottemless pit and never return. Cause they were the main cause for bringing my beloved Jas far away from me and everyone else. Now they will realise it and they will suffer this. There ain't anything else a lesson can be than this.