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6 March 2005 @ 9:00 pm

to town with corey.

A simple active day out with Corey to town today. Firstly we went to far east. I got myself 2 t-shirt. 1 is Manson's Holywood edition and the other is a Smahing Pumpkin's Machina/ the machine of god t-shirt. Both were great and Ive no regreats on getting both of them. I also bought a Manson badge (as usual) and a 'The Phantom in the Theatre' pandent from cheeks. We had our lunch in Subway. We went to Kinokunita in Takashimaya and I bought Marilyn Manson's The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell autobiography book from there. Saw some really expensive tarot cards too. We then went to HMV and was just browsing around the booths aimlessly. We went to Starbucks later to have some cold beverage to chill the day out. Afetr that slight refreshment, we headed down to Boarders and I bought NIN's Things Falling Apart cd from there. And to my horror, I finally realise that I actually misplaced my discman which consist of my newly purchased Holywood cd. I'm so depressed by that but anyway Corey is gonna sell me his Discman for $50. So the tension isn't so tragic afterall. Just can't wait to get that discman to fill my new cd in it.