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5 March 2005 @ 12:23 am

town with mary. and the end of saleh.

Just finish blending up some apple juice to cool down a great day out. Just got back from town with Mary and her friend. Was down at the Lunarin gig in esplanade. it was just so perfect. I really enjoy them playing. Looking forward on purchasing their album. Meet Hazanal there too. After the gig, I went down to town with mary and her friend. Almost everything was close, so ended ourself up at HMV Heeren. I bought myself Holywood for the third time cause my original version is with Jas. I also bought 2 Manson stickers from peninsular earlier part of the day. That was for all for today. now i'd like to draft something else down. This is for someone whom I won't be talking for somewhile. For a great person actually, but through time you just pull things out of the line. I really hope you get the time to read this. Today you just have to pull a simple thing into something so big. I know you will somehow won't bother about it anymore. I really feel like you just mix everything up. Which it isn't necessary at all. Something you just "think" it is like that but it isn't like how you assume it is. I really hope that there is some way to drive some cells up your head, cause you really need it seriously. I have spent all my time to help to smooth things up but now I think you just don't bother on what that I got to say. Cause each time you start blabbering about the situation, you just blab out nothing. You don't reaspect what that I have to say to you even though how hard I had tried to do so. And you always have to pull off a big scene to the small clip. I really don't think all this is necessary at all. You are just making you life so difficult. You always thinkt hat you are in the right and when we tell you the truth, you just got to bleah out something so childishly. All of the decisions that you took are very immature and you don't think out of the box at all. Without a doubt, you are someone I treasure alot. I respect you for all that you have done for me last time. But you just got to change your mindset to something refreshing. Start to think and stop your assuming.