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15 April 2005 @ 8:43 am

controversy part 2

Yesterday slacking wasn't that great cause I was sick. And I can somehow relate to it a little more differntly. I'm able to sense the handicapped in the bonding. But got to meet Ernie after her basketball match. Heard a little of some Justin guy. Acknowleding that I'm totally oblivious over whom that person is. Maybe that name might be his western fantasy. Also heard from Corey a little here and there. I've got so much to say, but I suppose it won't really matter that much. So I'm gonna spare that part of the chapter which is irrelavent.

But you see, the past can never be the past. The past can only be the past when it's actually settle and the fire is out. And without that, you can never achieve peace. You might only be able to achieve more and more unstability in peace and your heart. You can't hide away from reality always. If you want to speak out, make it listenable and wise, not shout and show stubborness, cause that would consider nothing. When my first post that brought about controversy to the whole, I meant it for someone else. I guess maybe the part where IF isn't read carefully and that the jealousy statement is without a doubt a fact in any part of the world. I've got Ernie to support me with that. There isn't a need to retaliate with violence/hate and criticism. If you don't understand or feel that you are at threat via my posts, one can ALWAYS come to me and acquire what that I meant and what is the truth.

Also learning that you made a comment that 'you don't want me in your life anymore'? But how can that be when YOU were the one bitched about me in your blog? How can that be when I learn on your hypocritic character? How can I even manage to put down that sight of you and pretend that we are together? That is really impossible to be done since you have showed me your other side, I more the one feel betrayed and folled off. I get disgusted everytime I think about the good times knowing that it was all a fake. I felt stupid each time I think about how you were the very few I respected apart from Fad and Corey (for the guys). So in the end, I didn't think that you were like that, you tarnished your own name, you did that on free will.

*refering to post Thursday, April 07, 2005, third paragraph.
So again, for those who misunderstood the whole scenerio, let me put the whole thing in the simplest that it can be.

"Things has changed for Corey in someways negleated by Saleh, Jian Chuan the KING OF GOSSIP till date, Herman, Jonathan, Soon Seng and Ben the I DON'T KNOW HOW HE APPEARED."
means: Corey told me that these group of people had somehow negleated him by not waiting for him after school and stuff. Now read phrase where Ben name started from. It means he is the new guy. Yet again, I speak from the truth and nothing away from it. Corey learn that via someone who told him that some bad comments were passed via Jian Chuan and Ben about hating Corey.

"I don't know whats the deal with these people anyway. Maybe some bad controversy by some new people or maybe the same old bastards should be the ingredient to all of these."
means: You see how that it said some bad controversy was passed down by new and old people. Firstly, Saleh isn't new to the group at all. And the 'old bastard' refers to non other than Jian Chuan. His like the god of all male gossiper.

"Simply, if Saleh was bringing his bad blood towards Corey with this revenge, then it's simply fucking childish and toddlish."
means: Note that I stated the IF in the sentence. Because people should learn that anything can and will happen via anything. I never say that you did it, I say IF you did it. If I say that you did it, then I'm certainly misjuding and assuming this. So here comes the misunderstanding in this part.

"Afterall, people are capable of doing that via jealousy."
means: This is a fact. Anyone can do anything via jealousy. Yet again, this are for wise people to understand. Even I myself done stuff via jealousy.

"It's also quite problematic since Saleh wasn't able to be with us. His oftenly blabbering things which makes things more difficult."
means: See that I quoted i still wanted Saleh to be back with us. I never thought that he was my enemy and never will. This I don't have to speak any further.

"It's not like I didn't reach out the hand to talk to him but his just providing simple get away messages like 'this is life'. I just wonder why he can't get over it normally."
means: When i sms him on getting together, he speaks in twist here and there. Starting to say that this is life and that he can't seem to change his thoughts. What I felt the most was that, not to let the Zi Chee stuff be a hazard for Me and Saleh. And Fadzulie certainly agree on that. It's very childish.

Anger can bring about so much. Like it's always said that an angry man has a mad man's mind. People has to be more wise with the words that they pour out. Because when it's done, it's gonna be very hard to pick it up again. Again it's up to you to be stubborn over the situation or you can still pause and think about this over again. People do make mistakes afterall. But if you still insist on this, then well, nothing's gonna change the world.