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27 May 2005 @ 4:11 pm

something I can never have

And here again, with Fad at cyber cafe hougang plaza. Was shopping with gandma just now before coming down hougang. I bought my weight gainer for around $100. I really hope it works cause I'm decreasing in size every time I try to flatter myself on the mirror. My Handphone bill will be settle too. Talking about my line, the one with the number 97657561. Now I am free to communicate with it. No more anyone finding difficulties to reach out to me. Now, I just need a proper phone. I'm not sure what phone to get or where to get. But I'm certainly working on it. My internet will be settled too, and I'm sure there would be more than meets the eye . trying to work on Ernie's blog now. I got the perfect picture for her, and I'm quite certain she will be mezmerised by it. BBQ plans are going smooth, but edmund is not joinging us. I don't get the logic when he say 'he got something on that day'. It's strange when it's around three quater months away from it and he assurely knows he has something on that day. Well, I just hope no more people back out of this. I need to start booking and doing reservations. It's not easy, one person handling everything. I also don't know whats happening right now also. i don't understand something, seriously. No calls or sms to slack/meet/hang out. I thought there was a promise that there will be stuff like that after exams. Was those just for name-sake or what? I felt stupid for myself to enpower importance to the wrong person. I mean, look at myself showing importance but end up to no avail. I still don't see you calling or smsing us to meet us to slack. On friday, I had to call you to tell you to pass me the list. So I still can't find the proper direction. I'm certainly not please and satisfied still. I think, my predictions are going to be right. Things won't and will not be the same from this track onwards.