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30 June 2005 @ 9:53 am

faking my dissapearence

taking a look back, at emails and discovering lyrics I once wrote when I was deep and down. There were 3 of them, but I decided to put them all together and make it more like a poem or something. It's actually snipets of 3 songs been combined. It isn't something typical or provokative, I just find it ameture and simple. Please spare me your time to browse it.

I'm holding on to anything
that might hang on to me
falling apart to everything
that had once therefore be

why am i that nothing to you?

everywhere is a reminder
even if i was to
be un-reminded forever
the noises trapped inside my head
are of no willing escape

and the sun and moon would collide
for once would i see you by my side?
come along by me
and sit close uptight
let me refresh your inside
and you'll know my otherside

you're slowly fading away from me
please hang on there for me to be

I'm totally bored. i've got alot of assignments to do, but I'm just updating blogs and creating new blogskins. I can't seem to get handy with this computers cause my project work does base on the software given. But it's rather too difficult for me to master it. Yesterday was occupied, took time off from slacking to help granny with her new fish tank. But the fishes inside were retarded. 5 goldfishes and 10 smaller fishes. I just wish all the goldfishes dies. I really think goldfishes are retarded and ugly. because of them, the fish tank looks very simple. With no gravels or plants or anything to spice up the tank. I got $20 bucks from that, and now still waiting for Ain to pass me my $20 so that I can settle my bill. Going down store later on for store meeting. And maybe slacking after that, I do hope that we slack. It's just so boring and I'm dying out of it.

I did MORE quizes today too.

Which NINE INCH NAIL song could you relate to the most?

And all that could have been - It's a song about loving a person but you can't seem to get that person to love you back. (It's quite strang cause I'm listening to the song right now.)

What Marilyn Manson Identity are YOU?

You are the Holywood Identity! Strange, complicated, and obsessed. Maybe violent.

Which Marilyn Manson Tarot Card Represents You?

The Fool's Possible Meanings: Folly, Thoughtlessness, Extravagance, Lack Of Discipline, Inconsideration, Delirium, Frenzy, Unrestrained Excess, Carelessness In Promises, Insecurity, Beginning Adventure, New Start, Precipice Of Life, Excitement, Something New.