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19 July 2005 @ 2:06 pm

she'll slash her lipstick on me

Just another typical day at school and it will be the last for the week. Cause I'll be working from wednesday to friday. And maybe, just maybe I'll be coming back to school to study. My attendance for 2D visulaisation has dropped drasticly to 82.5% and It's dead bad. Got the oppertunity to talk with Ain just now for awhile. I think I wanna go on a swimming trip with all of them to Sentosa. That includes Fad, Myself, Ain, Ernie, Saleh, Hakim, Davin, Rach, Huilin and maybe Zi Chee if it does make sense. Friday I'll be off with Mary to Penin first; and then to Fort Canning to challenge ourself on getting the hottest spot yet the efficent one for the gig. We'll then be heading down town to check out this leather jacket which I believe will be mine sooner or later.

I've hard-headedly decided on to let go finally what that was holding back almost everything. It's about time I do something about it. And I'm aging and getting tired over this ranting. So I shall shut my gab, clap my heels three times and slash my face with your lipstick.