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10 August 2005 @ 2:36 pm

everyday is a fade away

Don't take me for granted, I've got my room to sparkle and it certainly does. Vibrantly different and spacious, and strangly I'm beginning to love how it seem to look. It was not easy cleaning the entire shit and discarding all the wastes to memories. Now it seem like everything seems to inspire me in another way that is covered. You won't really get it.

When pay is delayed, I depressed. When pay is incured I depressed myself more when I only got $430. My maths didn't fail; all this years of failing paid off. pissed to ernie, it was my CPF deduction that is the cause. Bought quite some stuff including NIN's with teeth which is addictive. The fuck thing is that my earphobnes are fuckable and screwed. Getting new ones soon. Didn't get a phone anyway but yelling out one too soon. Sunday was great even though we lagged 2 person. Huilin had reasons and I'm sorry for Ain's lost and hope she can over come that. The rest was good but food got screwed. We caught fish, flashed ass, threw sand at each other and others and got ourself involve in a scolding which later was made a mock off. Went shopping after that and thats when I got all of my sanitary stuff. Will be doing more later with Mary.

Can't wait for baby and I to spend our salary. We're aiming for a candle light dinner, seafood dinner, movies, malaysia trip, pubbing, etc. No clubbing for me, even if you force me down. Well, the rest seem to be very same.

everyday is a fade away

sometimes I feel how it comes to this
how it manage to turn to shit
things that use to be
couldn't hold on
and all that now I see
I just can't seem to be fond of
you have reversed to change
but I still remain the same
maybe when you're nothing you'll look
upon everything you seem to broke
But I'll pull you down, down, down
into the circle of fear and clouded bound
But I can tell you exactly how it will begin to end
that everyday is a fade away.