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24 August 2005 @ 1:34 pm

looking at the emptiness

School holidays are going on now actually but I'm doing up make-up lessons wih two crazy idiots playing catching with roller chairs. There isn't anything to do seriosuly, but doing make-up is wasting your time in the most secure way. Me and baby have been going out so oftenly. Yesterday itself we drop by certain places we were suppose to. Like Esplanade's library, Marina square and Raffles Xchange. We've got more extra places to shop now. My mouth is watering everytime I take a walk pass Carl's Jr's burger heaven. It look so delicious and I feel that they're the only burger heaven thats worth wasting your money on. I and baby caught Land of the Dead and Valient already. It was quite worth it compared to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I'm planning Corpse Bride with Mary and some other great movies that are must catch. Birthday is ringing round the corner and wonder whats instal for me. I've got really no plans accept a BBQ with baby but it seem to be depleting. Since coming friday is gonna be so vacent, I might as well slack with Mary and the gang at town.