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BROTH just sliding off those sleezy bar by the junction. located above Duxton Hill, comes a very relax and romantic get away-like semi-fine dining heaven. Where modern Australian is a choice and service is at it's excellence.

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5 September 2005 @ 10:23 am

I am the animal that will not be myself

I'm on my own personal hunt for Patrick Starfish pictures. And they all look so adorable. I've gotten over the wedding thing and I hope everyone did too. Nothing special actually, everyone just look so normal. Accept a few like Sho Wen in his most expensive outfit, Huilin in her dress that still looks man, Happy in her sport shoes? and some over-dressing kids. Other than that, the foos was good especially the tarts. Presume it cost a bomb for Mr Dennis. I was looking more like a character than myself. Cause I was following 18th century cabret performing arts style. So it makes me look like a day-time vampire or Oscar-willde in a really bad mood. Been also reading the bible quite regularly. Can't explain the addiction but I'm still anti-christians. Now I'm in-charge of making Ain and Rebecca a blog. My Trent reznor and Spongbob project got to hold on for quite awhile now. Waiting for pay, gonna get alot of stuff. And zero my pocket again.