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3 October 2005 @ 3:47 pm

I am your martyr, I am your scapegoat.

Nothings gonna change the world. Bali blastings again and in the name of terror. Pity the innocent for their television death. Pity the muslims for the blame to be terror. I hate when people jump into conclusion that muslim (the religion) is to be the blame. What they don't understand is, terro is individualism. It's by its own. It's like totalitarianism. Their own govt and their own rule. Some of everyone I know blames muslims being them to be the terror initiative which is absert. They don't see the big picture. When they blast off themself like chickes, even their own muslims get blown torn apart. so stereotypes should try understanding the fact that terror doesn't link with muslim and that they're their seperate race and religion. They just pepper themself cause they're muslim. Which is one of their main objective if you do study their programme properly. Abolish you stereotypes, suppressed you be narrowminders.