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8 November 2005 @ 6:52 pm

a world in pain

Heard news about Jas recently. But I couldn't care less about everything accept the part she twisted on claiming we turned our backs on her. Which is a very false statement. We never did until she refuse to pick up any of our calls, rejected to talk to us, tied us up into problem and ignored us totally. I totally lost it when I realise she was fake and everything she said was just meant to be a folktale. All those words we shared, all those moments we shared and all those time we used to spent together dissapear and totally fucking lost just because of her and her selfish contributions. I never meant to show hate cause I loved and treasured our bonds together always. I always believed in her more than Mary. And my first priority was always you until this happened. but things are better between myself now and I've found alot more than I thought I knew after all this. It was a larger step above them all. And it's a better step for me and Mary to bound on what we missed.

Shopping everyday, bought few clothes. Two CDs and a friend. I mean, Wati. We got a bigger chance to bond more. And thats a bigger step for my much anticipated Goth Society. Things are less berzerk now since It's after the holiday season. Had alot of fun during it and played alot with babies. It's this thing, this kinda bound between me and toddlers which is far more interesting than anything at all. I just wish I was less confusing.