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2 May 2006 @ 11:19 pm

a broken silenth hill

Now things got messed up. Well, all I know is I got nothing to fear about. I'm happy the way I am. Definatly not happy the way both of us are. But hey, there are room for improvements. Guess you're not there back with Ain. I don't really care. But remember that you went out on your words.

Work is frastrating. Pay is screwed today. Now I can't get my new phone and that totally sucks. Faiz's birthday is coming Monday. Might spend him in INSOMNIA for dinner and drinks I bet. And Nana and gang are probably going down Balcony; which I've been dreaming of. Clubbing not this time, or maybe. Now Ernie bitch owes me an outing and I'm gonna squeeze the life out of her for it.

It's so fucking totally hard to get a drummer around here. Someone to fit the bill. Not an idiot. And female vocals as-well. Amanda is an idiot. Not into dumb-ass singing. Not to mention that MEZA-VIRS is back up again and running. Can't wait to get their first release. It's gonna be very very interesting. My ends are done. Let me stomp off with a rage to create. A way to bliss the sun down. Fuck I got work.