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25 August 2006 @ 2:47 am

a new beginning

an embrace caught the eye-lid amist

Notice the less provocative imagery on your screen now? Dreadful sights might have shocked or pervertly stumilate the art of my previous artwork. So I decided to change. How dull, sulken, meaningufl, pure and neat it seems? Looks like a memorial ain't it? It's wrong. It's in-fact more controversial than my previous gif. Take a look closely at 15 crosses. 15 crosses that represents the dead of America's worst nightmare. A macula made within the atmosphere of every parent's hope and mandane life cycle.

Today people my uploaded gif is non-other than The Columbine High School death parade. How suttle you were now not navigating my blog without a hinch of your parent's sight of a naked lady? It's ironic how clean it seems to be from the death of 15 individual than the naked sober of a gothic work?

Definatly reasons accompaning the essay with the image. Hey who don't come or do something with a reason? Eric and Dylan had their reason to kill. So I have a reason to be the aggrivation. Today each and almost every non-sensible person looks up to the liberty-ridden culture of America. The out-most soul providing influencial and definatly dominating country in the world till this date. Have anyone took up the chance to look at damages and life doomed and damned till this day on just in being part of a mandan-stereotypical-christian ridden-cult worshing American culture?

What is cool? Explain! Is hodling a gun cool? Is watching the death of another man's son on T.V. cool? Is the admiring gaze/stench of a serial killer cool? Is the mass-murdering/bone-chilling/horror-impleting/shock-cointruing cool? is the moulding of taken-for-granted liberty cool? Is walking out the door and fearing your life cool? Is the essence of war and spine-racking atrocities cool? Is the aggrivating of an american soldier's death cool? Is the government to uphold it's decision on the people cool? Take a closer look the next time you are going to admire the life being in America or looking up to a western culture. Because trust me. Kids in America don't fucking care about you or the rest of the world.

Today we look at stages to an apocalypse. But wait. Take a step back and look at the suffering brought to you all by no one else but yourself. Every fucking single day someone blabs about his miss-interpretation of (this fucking worth-less piece of life controling suck-my-balls religion book) the bible makes me sick in the stomach. It's stupid how you lead your entire fucking life underlining each statement the bible makes. Or singing shitty songs with costumes harboured and shell in a sacret place wooden house you call church. Don't expect the end of the world to come one day out of the blues - it's a step you have to notice that has been happening every day for a long time.

When Eric and Dylan went on their apocalyptic rampage. The whole-of-America took their ordinary life to the T.V. screen. And this is where we spell 'The Death Parade'. Everyone I bet was furious over this tragic cause. Some shed tear, most mourn and everyone thought. Everyone though of the cause. The blame the seek to summon. The mission they have to pull upon - we need the cause. So what led to Eric and Dylan was wearing I suppose. From head to toe they were in black and usually in. Which lead to the accusation of Marilyn Manson. I felt a slight pity reading articles over articles about how fucking stupid or gullable society can be, what one believe what one watches on T.V. These are stages to eating youself. The media went on a frenzy - probably even earning millions - aggrivating and furiousiting the topic further and deeper with acclaimed evidence of the link. But think again. Did you take a look at what's behind the whole subject? Or what that you saw and heard is what that you believe? Till this date, people do and still believe the fact that Eric and Dylan are fans and mimics of Marilyn Manson. And I am still at a shock to their stupidity. I tend to notice how one can believe a lie and a rumour compared to a truth.

It's hilarious how you look at the sober death of 13 innocent life killed by 2 distressed/messed-up kids compared to hundereds of innocent life around the world being killed by the president of the united states of america. How it was 'The Thing' just because 13 soul was lost. What about the war in Iraq? What about the war in Afganistan? How many innocent people have died by all of that. have many mother's were broken? How many lifes been taken? How many dreams and hope shattered? have anyone thought of the influence to that? America made a big mistake in Iraq and they are gonna pay for ever bit of that I am sure. Every American will take the pinch to care about whats outside your country.

And if a vast influence of christianity in Aerica IS and their idealogy of hell shall be. It's not much where it is from, from where and what that you call home.