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21 August 2006 @ 4:41 am

Touch of hearts and a broken sore.

Had time reflecting alot on the Columbine incident for the past few days. Regreat to say how cultivation of martydom and scapegoatism was done in the name of god and the conservation of society. An obvious aspect of above stupidity. A potential art of the crued and stereotyped society of the much-looked-upon, America. I wounder why millions and millions of people take a step back, strike a pose and look up to the democratic yet hidden-lies of an American society. And I definatly understand the much regardable mistook of a democratic society in Singapore which is the biggest bullshit of all millenium. But take a look at all around us for a moment please? Is it the nation or government took a stand in society or the cause and relation of society made the uprise of a government? It is without a doubt inevitable to run, oh how I wish it's a bulldozer victim. But I believe that we will rise. One day we will all rise to damnation. For an existence of mankind has made a macula. A mark of positively negative. We'll just have to buy a day and watch us perish I guess.