a twenty year-old soldier, deeping an escape fantasy into the wilderness of lifestyle, fashion, music, politics and the suffocation of everyday living. allow me to take my emotions and paint the world white.

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24 October 2006 @ 3:29 am

a broken trust and shattered tears

It's such a broken moment. Such a shattered inner-feeling. Just l;ike emptiness creeping within. You & me, I can just see us dying. I can tell everything is fading. Everything hurts and nothing seems to work. You're trying but I'm just pushing. I feel so suppressed and lost. I need a shoulder and a listening ear or a comforting & solutionable tongue.

Two definatly long years. I know something was stirring up some time back but supposing it was protestiqued. Probably I'm just a narcissistic drama queen. But I'm not intending on throwing everything away. BUT! Neither am I keen on howelling it into a mess. But I'm stucked. Glued to a problem with no solution just yet. I can't let you go and I have to slowly depart. I have to step away. I have to turn this around. But each time I take a step; someone's gonna lay their head down.

I just hope I can let you go. I'm no more of a value to you baby. You're the most lovliest thing I've known. You've always been there for me I can touch my heart and say. You've been the greatest gift of a person. I just can't explain why. But I don't think I'm of value to a relationship. Pathetically realising after 2 long years. Cause maybe someday I will just walk away. SO if I've dissapoint you. I guess it's just better of this way.