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22 October 2006 @ 5:34 pm

if you gave me one more chance.

I had quite a dramatic night yesterday at Tantric. Firstly, I broke my Ipod Video's screen and I'm truely upset & fucked up over it. I hope the warrenty covers or I'll have to spurt a bomb over the repair. Secondly, I was harassed at Tantric which made clubbing so unstable. But I made some great friends there. Ben's group of mates are funny. I am invited to one of their mate's home cocktail party coming this Saturday at about 8pm. Was in total shock when I heard of it. Then it's Halloween Party at Tantric again assuming it's gonna be a blast. Still drawing an art with dancing my ass off the club. I think thats the reason why I was harressed, LMAO. I hope to see that hottie again.

Tomorrow I'll be out again for few hours before I head down back in camp again. It's gonna be so terrible in camp I bet. SOC is gonna drop full scale by end of this week I can tell.