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1 October 2006 @ 11:08 am

whose that sexy now?

Made me confess out the barrier; quite a relief actually. The fact that they're happy and respect my choice. Never though it'll actually be that of a shock to Rachael. Rach, Carrie and Myself were partying at Tantric yesterday (technically till 3am this morning) and was later joined by Rach's sister. Predicted that we're gonna do this again. Can't wait for Ernie to clap along.

Camp's great actually. Nothing of what I visualised or predicted. Apart from the nonsensical retardedness of some blatent stupidity individual; the rest is going fine. I got that strong stench that you're the icon pushing me forward. I feel a pair(of eyes) behind my back or atleast ebhind yours. I can't resist not looking. I can't resist not wanting to say 'Hi'. I can't control myself to push back. Oh boy! You're just art.