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15 April 2007 @ 11:49 am

this is the beginning of the end

calculating the fact that i'm done shopping for this month. pathetic but true. apprently i spent quite alot yesterday. steamboat with jun, zen & martin. pretty fair deal for a starter course but considering newton is stil la better choice. food is like a plague on zen; the mouth has to not stop munching. we had a blast then clubbing. but again i was busy running here and there. kissing & entertaining. i got this strange feeling zen went bezeerk on the alcohol. i went to taboo then after with a free entry again. draq performance was terrible.

tried the new nine inch nails' year zero on live stream. it's so raw you don't even know what the fuck you're listening to. it's nothing like any of their previous work. so much hate, amotions and anger; you can hardly listen to peace. whereas EAT ME; DRINK ME will be in stores anytime soon. i tried heart-shaped glass just moments ago. sounded so stereo-typical configured and adjusted to just noise with distored singing. not what i expected but looking out for it.

you've been missing. where in the world are you when i need you the most? and noticing how i've not been able to see you the previous week. and now; for another 2 more. in affectance that this is getting frustrating and worries. hopefully it discontinues. wherever you are; i'm still having you as my toughts. because nothing can take that away from me.