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27 May 2007 @ 12:09 pm

bid a sanctuary farewell

today might actually be the last time blogging. well; blogging in this asylum of course. i'm shifting to somewhere else. it's a little pain; and no i'm not refering to the packing. the mood that you're leaving 20years of time spent here. the truth that i can't take 10minutes down to granny's and hang around for food. & a new experience in size shrinking. now i realise how size matters; lol. i'm really gonna miss this house. but it's going to be a new beginning. a new place and a fresh start. it's going to be exciting & i'm deeply looking forward to it.

one month deployment dropping by the entire june holidays. it's gonna get nerve wrecking especially when we take our toll in northern sector. & diminishing the fact how i'll not touch the weekends the entire time. so with that reason; i went clubbing last night. yay! with zen & junaidy. was boring at first; especially went it was so early & the retard bartender had a bitch problem. ugly scrap whore-face. still dare to wear a 'diva' vest. i still think he thinks his beautiful. fucked-face. ugh! vincent & herve came after zen left; what a pity. we spread alot of love yesterday; i wish i could have spread more. i think one is never enough. harper & dave finally broke the barrier. we manage to make it down to taboo as well. i went topless. i was drunk. then lets not dig the rest of the details. i got a hook aswell. even though i though there was more than just one hook. that includes close call at tantric. formal wear is such a turn-on.

& for the rest; doing packing up now. a new asylum by thursday.