a twenty year-old soldier, deeping an escape fantasy into the wilderness of lifestyle, fashion, music, politics and the suffocation of everyday living. allow me to take my emotions and paint the world white.

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26 July 2007 @ 2:28 pm

everyday is exactly the same

from this point forward till the 21st of August; everyday would just roll exactly the same. deployment is rolling down the red carpet for inaguration. but nothing beats this.

sloping down the isle bewitchedly unexpecting a miracle. motionlessly stood a sundry metres away stood a figure. shockingly motivative and heartstoppingly true. it never seem anything like 'it's back from the dead'. but what i saw entirely cross my heart as it skipps twice as harder than usual. which use to be the case few months back. i saw his back from the moment i vainly glide down the stairway. i could have mistook or maybe halucinating. but this wasn't anything like this. i felt a warm hand coupling my heart but in a grim matter.

momentarily peaking out of the 4th floor. how i use to come upon. these seem to reel back to the past. i thought it was over. but i'm glad it wasn't. i'm glad you're back for this short time. i'm glad i still have maybe just one more chance to say something to you. because ten thousand days in the fire is long enough. You are the light and way that i will only read about.