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27 December 2007 @ 12:51 am

tie me up and call me bambi.

i always have this reason to accompany.
and this time.
sometimes i guess im like peter pan; for some reason or another.
fantasy and love and magic and myths
are all part of life cycles
that you shouldnt miss.
or just shut that door on childhood.
well, im not saying im a big baby.
but don't glitters and rainbows puts blink on your eyes.
and i don't meant it queerly!
whats amazing is to touch your brightest dream
& giggle upon it - running along now.
just to make sure you have that smile upon that rosy cheeks.
and what secrets are meant to be, would always be.

i have a fantasy for love.
i have to admit that.
for romantism & the beauty of it (it goes one long route).
ava adore! i speak.
& to be adored.
isn't it marvellous to take both chemistry.
don't you think it's beauty at first sight?

work issues have ended.
& a BIG FAT full stop on JGL.
but for old time sake; one last time.
for negligence reasons? pathetic!
but im beginning to just let it rip it off my mind.
all of a sudden, i took a chat with hottie.
someone i use to like what i said earlier - glowly eyes.
its good to hear his doing fine; + the vividly healthening -
injured right knee.
i still find that secret smile when ever i mention his name.
gives me goosebumps.
but thats one pretty boy i won't take my eyes off and shut my mouth on.
whereas what i need now is couple of yawns
hot people (slightly average acceptable).
hearty wine. crinsom preferred!
& good company.
basically - taboo LAH!