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23 March 2008 @ 6:37 pm

a blessing upon the 7th day of sabbath

i wouldn't quite apologize for what i did. i never will unless i get to the core of it. i enjoy feedbacks though, momentarily bitch-ified cultured. it's when your horns start sprouting out; or mine atleast for the least of records. but making a laughing statuory is like child-like entertainment. you'd probably discover how gigglish you get when someone topple of his feet or slap a chunk of rice of his spoon when he eats. you know how it stimulate your nerve running up and down those veins.

so i'd ignorantly consider how somehow similar it is; i can consider that with butt-cheeks raised up high.

pretty weird how i found out i might be gradually recovering from a sheen splint. i had problems dancing or even walking. well, basically i discovered it when i was walking down for some playtime. tantric was an infested slum of bee. leave the queen-bees aside. i just got cuddle up with my baby for all that it matters. apparently how mellow and over-shadowed play was for the saturday evening. terrible list of song, and an unfamiliar face behind the disc-jocking system may have explained. deal with my complain! i had to share the dance-floor with people i wouldn't even wanna share my aura of breathing space with.

we hung out at maxwell. bitched. gossip. loud-headed. laughed. giggled. glutted. we basically did what we'd always do. so no pounding on the masses on how big a deal it is. But! the big deal tonight is being sunday night. the 7th day of the week free. liberty to shake my booty just one more night before pounding my muscle on battery through physical annihilation. so i'm definately gonna hit back!