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20 March 2008 @ 9:06 pm

the touch of your warmness

working down the Nile with a rifle on my back and a load to burden upon. i reckon the steps i take are the essential to the ticking of the stop watch. standard obstacle course is not an unhappiness. it's a requirement raised to envy and challenge your physical bond limit. it was a year since i rumble through the physical & height defying obstacle. clearing it wasn't a problem. but sustaining each breathe i sip into my lung and out through my nostril. for it's most obvious you can judge my failure, and the process for SOC will retake partial of my personal time slots back in camp.

so tomorrow is good friday i reckon. so there is no reason why you should question my extra day off. just after booking-out; i struggle my pride on SOC. And now, i've just couple of minutes left to leave for granny's. what i'm looking forward to is aunt's place for good friday. it's been three years on it's average that i actually visited her or dropped by her sanctuary. now that she's back from her 1 month long trip & i've spare time to sake.

plans might just sound so perfect. but i'm partial interest in beaching. now that my baby isn't coming. but st james would be a possibility. i need a rub on my back before that. & he knows i need one. speaking of which. i had a sparkling great 4hours with my baby just yesterday. fried rice with his favour and waffles on us both. & i'm flattered by the words that pour spelt 'i'd go st james if you would. because i'm kinda fond of you'. his the sweetest since candy. how wish he'd stay to possess me more than just this mile away.