a twenty year-old soldier, deeping an escape fantasy into the wilderness of lifestyle, fashion, music, politics and the suffocation of everyday living. allow me to take my emotions and paint the world white.

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BROTH just sliding off those sleezy bar by the junction. located above Duxton Hill, comes a very relax and romantic get away-like semi-fine dining heaven. Where modern Australian is a choice and service is at it's excellence.

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16 April 2008 @ 1:10 am

a crunch on my back

you can't tell how much it hurts until you fall over the drain and scream out in pain. im suffering from back aches and wiggly legs after guard-standing duties for the most heat-hated sector. two days consecutively and it's like a 5-inch knife down my gucci. so we stumble upon a slight delay thanks to the section to what they do best; negletion. but it wasn't a hassle or a puffle because im in the comfort of my home with a cold cut trio in my hand (i still wounder why my mom had to heat it up) and a bottle of mogu mogu nata de coco-orange juice; and jun is not even back yet.

i made an extra-free deployment record and i stand a chance to badge a rank sewn on my ampulet in may; how exciting. and later in the morning would be my first formal interview with steve for my part time assistance in broth. which im gladly taking a voluptuous effort on breaking my bone on this. it's one part i can make good use of my off day; and i really mean over-the-top.

may just look upon my new gap slaps after that. which means i have couple of errands to run, including my alteration and the driller. but what im really looking forward to is - aaron. words just won't type my fingers out to how much i miss him. im looking forward to treating him over sushi tei but ive to squeeze the sitting booth with dave this time. we're all so excited to kick the evening at oli's going om cafe. new place to NOT just pose, but go divine. which i've been putting ample effort to get it right.