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23 April 2008 @ 1:02 am

the shame that drains your dignity

Meritocracy: "A system in which advancement is based on individual ability or achievement" - promotion in another words. you may have learn a new word. but i have learn a new meaning to it. in military, individual assessments base on contributions, stability and hard work are suppose to be recognise according to the system meritocracy, and promotions are liable to those who have contributed positively to their service. in my judgement of words, assessment done base on the entire duration of service are the out-most key factor in the process of promotion system.

but last week, meritocracy made a different liability to the claim. and militarily styled, the effort and contribution to those who put their heart and soul into their effort to bring upon a positive training system were not recognise. recognition base on physical standards were access to that - two unworthy hearts were crown corporal. i mean, 30 dollars ain't a big deal to some people. considering the end of service in about 4 months. but to those who have injected the amount of work they can't possibly imagine - thats just not fair to them. so much for bring meritocrats and so much for having a system to it.

I say bullshit to a system of recognition or promotion to those who have contributed positively, especially in military fashion.

the missing presence of my baby is beginning to take it's toll on me. pretty much since i know this weekend i won't be ending up fondling within the warm forearms and being generously kissed on the cheeks. or even snuggling up the baby blanky over 'friends' or friend rice and bubble tea. even though part of these mundane life cycle is gonna fade like the early morning fog, i still have 1 month to save me from my heartache.

i've been brushing up on the list of details steve gave to me. it's difficult parting the slumber-habitat that i've been upholding for a year and a half-and now jumping to an eloquent waiter in front of you smiling silly to your crude remarks or friendly gesture. yes - one side says impress your boss. & another spells 'try to pick what you left out along the way'.

my day will probably end with a convention and grandmother's place. im just so bored and out-of-mood over not having baby by my side. but i've defiantly fix his birthday present.