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11 April 2008 @ 9:15 pm

touch my body and all over.

fixations gives minimality to possibilities. making there being no room to maneuver. like a mental suffocation. and disabling freedom of speech and human rights. thats one cultural pin into the hearts and mind of homophobia. and it bleeds my heart to reckon the painful stimulation people like myself still don't have a stand in society without mockery and gossip. but what the hack! i know i can touch my body and whomever i want to in whichever and whatever personality i wish to portray. thats the reason why the new era quotes "presents from the poison hearted" & "demi-menifesto". join me (and my big-mouth) in a world to unveil zeitgeist.

so the trip to ikea was like branding people of wealth. we were paying through our platinum dollar bills and ranching through essential household organising goods. which usually isn't a big gah-gah or a splash because they were necessary.

and raihan's scrumptious birthday gateau is chilling in the refrigerator. im settle to know it's gonna be splendid. now that i found something to match his 'sha-nel' like stussy wallet which he brags about it's minimality and polish attributes - key chain. not as fashionably appalling as my coach honey. but good enough to embrace your up-rising bold statement. so went high-end today with zen all over town. bouncing like a rubber ball from taka to wisma to taka and paragon in search of his replacement to his dad-worn sandals. and browsing through grandma's birthday present at the prada store. i might just get so certain in getting her a money bag instead of a much personal style to her hand bag. god! how can her gay grandson see that woman of wealth and just leave her to stray without a major make-over.