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9 May 2008 @ 9:36 pm

i'm watching you drown, i'll follow you down.

have you ever virtually do up a list that comprises 'things of your utmost phobia'. i may have. because i had to face it without expecting or even in a short notice. for your knowledge, one of the top most phobia that evades me comprises of the field of medical. be it in an operation or a minor surgery. something that just cuts you up, or the gross anatomy just makes me sick to my stomach.

and thats no much difference from a poke of a needle (im a pussy when it comes to injections). I.V. it was for me due to constant dehydration. not that i hadn't had enough to drink or that im in negligence to the essentiality that Myanmar is facing now. apparently i had stomach flu the morning of the week's monday. after battalion physical, i realise there was something erupting in that little tummy of mine. confident enough that i'd have to realise from behind. it switched sides. it went opposite on me, and out of my mouth (that don't mean i shat from me mouth, excuse me). my stomach was swell and the stomach flu crumble every limb, affecting me to weakness. so drips it was for me at pasir labar since that was the only one that runs 24/7.

if phobia comes in a sense to the thumbs of your beating heart to the cold sweat and choking fear. then phobia has just been kicked back. and this is one i don't have to see again. finally clearing my SOC after 3 tries, im proud to say i can now pull my head up and give a pat on my back. apart from the solitary training, i think the mutual support from my buddies matter(ed) the most. this is one magic i will never forget when my years down the road as a civilian starts to kick in. and i'll have to brush more compact powder for junaidy for running down the entire pain and sweaty route with me.

and if its a cold and painful road i say. it'll come down to one that breaks my heart to even type how it bites. when wishful-thoughts so often proves in vain and the needle spikes your heart in pain. thats how much i'd know i have exactly a week left to be with my better half. & from then on and all, it's just memories of those that were left to scare and smile.

Nine Inch Nails - The Slip

scabbing through the fresh tracks from The Slip (reviews out tomorrow), i hunger in vain. what can i do to get some japanese out here? the sakae sushi hub nearby decides to fix their glamour up at the point when im having my craving again. its definitely not something stale from sushi deli at this time. so my oi! mee suah and a cup of milk tea to settle the deal. maybe they were those taiwanese days back in late last year that kicked in. well, definitely nothing beats the grass-jelly curd filled milk tea which waters your mouth. consider the drips by the gaps of your mouth. that is one thing i'll go back to taiwan for.

ditching the free movie web, and being a big epic sci-fi fan; the answer is: 100 million BC. it may be a gimmic to 10,000 BC, but anything for a good blast in your years and to dinosaur roars and pre-historic kick-ass graphic. but nothing beats the remake of king kong.