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14 May 2008 @ 11:22 pm

put your head down high

with an opportunity to run the masses with cohesion via a battalion's effort came - a game of soccer. squeezy stadium seats that tucked with a same-same dress code, that splashed singularity to our side of the game. jammed-packed with soccer fanatics or mere- fun raisers. with the blast of your ear drums with the uprising cheers, fanatic screams and laughter; brings down to an appetite for a loud roar. i wouldnt disagree the effort of the cheap-sorted cheerleaders effort. neither would i shy behind the supportive-back of a loosing team. all that i've to say is that i just wasted 90minutes of my time doing what i will never do voluntarily. congrats.

so since the night-off tonight went to waste with the 90minutes game. we got a chance to steal the night on the first day of the week. i thought how ridiculous it was, despite just booking into camp the previous night. but i made no nonsense with the privilege. taking every single hour to the winning side. i thought i'd steal a deal or two from bugis, but it went to the bin where sale is a prority to throw, shuffle and wreck through the product in a junk-pile like extravaganza. being such an impatient persona myself, i had to skip the time irritation and i decided to put my wishlist to the test.

since i made an empty effort at wisma atria's gap store; thanks to the unprofessional and english struggling sales assistant help i got a week ago. i had to convince myself and made a revisit, this time to suntec. fortunate enough;

1st: an english speaking familiar face.

2nd: an available size for the shoe i desire.

BUT! all this has to run-up to reserving the piece at vivo city instead. we (at this point of time were running with an empty stomach) decided to settle ourselves with ThaiExpress. i had to give a reasonable yet not overly budget threat for the effort jun injected in helping score for my SOC. with an appetizer to share and a hearty main course and proper drinks (not tap-water); the bill rounded up to $38 with a smile on my cheek.

so by now, sitting on my wooden arm-chair and the new pair of shoes by the side. you might suspect my luxury being out of camp? thats where you're wrong. because we have to sweat an an orgily fashion to a 7.5km run around the reservoir with another effort of cohesion.

now shoot the fellow in the head. we need a proper party planner.