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21 June 2008 @ 1:51 am

the NOT SO happening

clubbing plans - detoured. stash casually with my PSP and down to town. it's formally the first time we made contacts or to share a word or two, with Raihan's potential to be. but naturally, i don't know. being caught in all this drama just makes my energy drawn away. i'm really in no exact mood to all this commercialized homo-enthusiastic lifestyle. all the drama queen and eye lashes and explodingly loud persona that spears across one end of the room to another; or worst still - plague. i think i'm interestingly banging to modify into something more hidden that will pre occupy me with my days to come. i've begin to let loose gradually or what Zen would always poke fun at me for - 'divine'.

i always enjoy the company of good friends. and never the less, Junaidy decision to catch a movie with his god sister and another friend was swift enough to take me off the occupied seat clustering Raihan and his muse and just take off.

'The Happening' would just end with a 2star if rating comes in shiny bling blings. regardless of having it's usual Shayamalan touches to the reel; i suspect surreal aspect of the entire movie made alot of stereotypical minded people just scratch their head. well, it cause me to loose few dandruff. i couldn't even understand the motive of the sudden airborne virus that skept through strange mental stimulation and it's lead to un-natural death sentences. i wish to adjust the leads on the role, but i don't think it's gonna make anything far more eventful than that of it's gimmick moniker. you don't even have to wait for the DVD. skip this crap!