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31 July 2008 @ 9:08 pm

memories of a soldier

myself & once national athletes, camp buddies

if you don't know how memories goes a long way. you'll figure it out when you spend 2 years of your life doing something you despise, but knowing you've something behind you that is going to keep pushing you forward - buddies. the memories of this souls that crosses between those wretched times passes fast in camp. those immaculate days may have passed, but the memories of them still lingers. how complex this might occur, is what would always be - Delta Company.

as gliding through the scotching sun rays step by step, making sure each drum beat from the player pays well to the training we tan upon. chapters of those two years starts striking a big deal. and for once in all of those 2 years, it sounded more important than it could have in 2006. from the beginning of our physical building stage, to the beginning and he end of our almost traumatizing infantry package and the rather wicked days spend with operational bacinet training and those jet-pack duties standing tall and mighty every 12hours shifts. i can never imagine doing them all with my two hands. and neither can i imagine doing them without my friends. with them around, every lecture is a passing wind; every time we drop to be punish, is just another physical; and every duty is a passing facile solution.

like those bazaar loud moments i'll have with hafiz. or those secretly flirtatious envy i might have with someone else. or what the hack on my painful choice of words with hardiyan. and what a character to learn from, from the guys in the first section. i chose to enjoy every single minute of my horrendous life with them. and i will not regret each decision i made. because every single bittersweet moment, is a bittersweet memory.

part of the key players might have gone. but the game still stands one more month to redeem itself. and then, we pen as history.

me & erwin

me & hardiyan