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6 July 2008 @ 11:57 am

wither a petal by day

like how green the grass would be on this side; all in a days' work, will just dry and shrivel and let of to nothingness. sooner or later the poppy petals will wither day by day and the once evergreen scenery will leave a macula as an evident history-rich testimonial that those stood on it will never forget.

i choose to believe how undisputed the company once stood as 'Delta'. We march a strong route, sustain the hourly long physical punishment, suffer in silence to the time packed schedule which gave me cluster phobic symptoms during our early stages in the service. but the endurance level of each mindset stood us strong to each hell-days we never though we could. but as the last 2 months surfaces, everything we once did and once stood for; just crumble to lots of hours to waste. i cannot motionly critic the standard we once set just to come down to this. the cycle is just natural to witness. as we can do nothing about this apart from just witnessing in silence in grief or in joy. as the company starts tearing of it's heart petal by petal overtime until ORD spells the macula.

Joey Jordison's new 'catholic church' inspired mask for the new era.
JESUS IS BACK (in black)!