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9 August 2008 @ 11:47 pm

echo off those walls

look at those intensity off their faces. explains their passion injected into each stage. you can almost feel Trent's saliva. if there is one thing you won't waste a single nickel on, its a Nine Inch Nail's show. unfortunately, Lights in the Sky will not last beyond North American borders. so we can have quite some savings there.

if it's a countdown to manage, i'm quite in a middle of a digit fuzz. despite the days to put down my hats for service. i have one reason to celebrate this august, and thats my 21st. i've some things planned cheaply, just trying to thrift a little before i end up with empty pockets. but there will be some available reason to put my bills on, and i'm going to start with my 2nd mobile investment. that is the new business oriented Nokia E71. i'm just fondling with the colour. my eyes are on the silver case.

and most of my friend's ears bleed each time i complain my ripped-off color-changing wallet from projectBLOODbros. and that i'm deciding on something that will last me a really long time. which i am 50-50 about due to the vast varied i have, and the nature of my indecisive conclusion.

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