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4 October 2008 @ 12:23 pm

dress in style, savour the fine

i've not been a very good blogger lately. tagging myself on current affair news and being all caught up with the latest collection of spring summer runways. i've taken some time off from the words that i'd use to brag about my un-savory lifestyle. but picking those piece is never too late. i'll start the points as soon as i can.

1) i met with a car accident that enquire minor injuries.

2) i'm a rich bitch who drinks diamonds in the glass.

3) my lust for high fashion is over-powering.

4) and the ever complaining feud i have over my manager is long gone.

So 'll leave you with some of my favorite collections from this year's S/S collection:

Stella McCartney's latest collection comprises of very wearable and skin tone complimenting palettes gives woman a very feminine touch to their body, yet hints of boldness and confident.

I was personally very surprise with Yves Saint Lauren's collection that comprises of cage-like design (which explains the runway) and the amazing skirt-like trousers that flaunt a little more edge to the yest basic tops.

And one of my personal favourite comes from Dries Van Noten's latest sphere inspired designs that provides minimalism like an echocrome sort of way. And the induction of silky smooth shades that he did to couple different colours together. Just amazing.